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  • Can I order custom sizes for Big & Tall?
    Yes. Our standard clothing size is American Male Small, Medium and Large. However upon request we can provide custom sizes for men of athletic build.
  • If I'm not satisfied with my item can I return for a refund?
    If you are unsatisfied with your item due to product being damaged we will be more than happy to provide a replacement of the item. We do have a no refund policy so we will not be able to return funds but we will replace your damaged or lost item after being provided with necessary items to validate the claim.
  • Can I get discount for a bulk order?
    At this time when you order over $500 worth of items we do offer free shipping. If you have a bulk order that exceeds 10k please contact us to discuss special discount.
  • Do you offer over night shipping?
    At this time we only offer standard shipping of 7-14 business days. We will have the option for multiple shipping options in the near future.
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